Things I Hate

1) trying to come up with something riveting for my first post.

2) perfect people that like to instantly remind you how unbelievably perfect they are. Think Gwyneth Paltrow. Also, we haven't seen a picture of you and Chris Martin in ages. You aren't nearly as perfect as you (I) think.

3) bitchy teenagers. I, like, don't care that she, like, likes him too. OMG, I totes do. Actually, I haven't been a teenager in six years, so I don't even know if people still talk like that. Do they? Also, I just told you how old I am. Kinda. Use your mad math skills to figure it out. 

4) the words "moist" and "hubby". Hopefully not together. I'm now picturing a sweaty unattractive male wearing a tiny wife-beater. Gag.

5) people who feel the need to abbreviate absolutely everything in text messages. Idk wtf rotfl means. Actually, I do, but I don't think I'm that funny. Thank you for figuratively rolling around on the floor for me though.

6) dressed up dogs. That's basically animal cruelty people.

7) technology. Actually, this one requires clarification. I LOVE advances in technology and I am proud to say I own an iPod, iPod Touch, iPad, MacBook Pro (do I sense a theme?) and a Blackberry Bold (see what I did there? You expected me to add an iPhone, but I didn't. I'm wildly unpredictable like that.) I just don't like it when technology messes with us. There are entire websites devoted to this, such as Damn You, Auto Correct.

8) the fact that New York apartments continue to cost a fortune even though the rest of the country is practically in the shitter. 

9) trying to come up with ten things for this list. 

10) lists with exactly ten things in them. Why can't I hate an odd number of things, damnit?

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